Friday, June 25, 2010


It's been a while since my last post so let me fill you in. I'm taking time away from was trying to kill me lol. My professor sent me this email for a job opportunity with SEARS as a visual merchandise specialist...which is BOMB. I sent Joe my resume & he asked me to come in for an interview tomorrow.YAY! So this is my chance to jump start my career & stop wasting my time doing what most of the world is doing...working to survive...I want to work because I love it. Well I've been shopping lately...matter of fact, I think I'll be on my way to Forever XXI in a couple of hours...I'm feeling dressy which is rare but recently not so much. I'll post pics of my last couple of hauls later. Yeah so wish me luck on my future bloggers. I wish you all the same luck & success.

Young Mi ;)

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