Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Morning

I woke up with the worst stomach pain ever...probably from the Oreo Cookie Icre Cream Cake I shared with a couple of friends yesterday. Painfully dilicious. lol. So I took a garlic pill and turn to SportsSkool OnDemand so I could do some yoga. My relationship with yoga is bittersweet...I love my mat...it's pretty badass if I don't say so myself...but I'm a beginner & I'm learning...I did pretty well this morning. Enough about that...I cleaned my room the other day & found like old fashion projects and magazines...man those were the days. I'm not even done with school but this job has sucked all the life out of me so things I used to enjoy just don't cut it.smh. I'll get it together...I hope. Well it's 12:15 & I have to get ready for work...might post later.

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